Cost Of Eye Exams And Vision Insurance

Our eyes are a part of our body that naturally breaks down. It might happen when you're reading and it might happen when you're trying to spot something a little too far way. Here's some information for when this happens and you're thinking of an eye exam or vision insurance.

Unfortunately, eye exam prices do vary to the most extreme amounts. Some can be 30$ and some can be 300$. However, a smaller city will typically have cheaper exams compared to a big city. A first eye exam will cost the most compared to your 15th. A starting eye exam will generally be around 200$. After a while with the same optometrist, the price for an exam might just be half. Refractive vision exams are usually a small fraction of that high cost.

Of course, having vision insurance will help lower the cost of this. If you do have one offered with your employer, be sure to revise what is covered by the policy and how often it is coffered. If you do not have this vision insurance, you can purchase it for a monthly price ranging from 10$ to 25$. Companies do usually ask for the payment up front for the entire year. If you're eye sight is stellar, then it might be more beneficial to skip out on the vision insurance and just pay for eye exams out of pocket.

Vision insurance makes sense if you do have children or are an elder, as these ages generally need more attention for their eyes. Compare what types of prices you get for different vision insurances and decide which is the most realistic for you and your family.

If you are low income, you can check out Vision USA which does provide free eye exams if in need. It's possible to get some deals on eye exams through websites like LivingSocial and Groupon.

It might seem costly, but getting your eyes checked out will be a lot less expensive than waiting for a larger problem to develop

Date Posted: 2017-06-15